Format: CD
Status: Διαθέσιμο για παραγγελία - προϋπόθεση να υπάρχει απόθεμα στον προμηθευτή - Αποστολή εντός 10 με 15 ημερών
Release Date: 11/12/2016
Number of Discs: 2

Within electronic music Sven Väth represents more than a single style. Sven embodies the music as a whole, he cherishes every facet of Techno and House. Väth has experienced the music as it emerged in the mid-eighties. From this moment on, he has helped to shape it year after year. Väth produced seminal music, his labels created and create it's very own unmistakable brand of music, he ran a club and several booking agencies. Cocoon is a global identification mark for high quality parties and festivals. Those are major achievements, but they are overshadowed by Väth DJing abilities. Like no one else, Väth manages to capture the current figuration of our beloved electronic dance music in it's entirety and melds it into a single, stirring story. In the summer 2016, Väth invited the global electronic music community to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza for the 17th time. Soft, friendly chords and bird chirps from Swedish producer Harald Björk woo us to the dance floor. The kittenish hookline is open to any kind of playful swing, yet it follows the tender, springy groove with the self-assuredness of a dream walker. Väth weaves Ripperton s upright beats into the track, using suggestive, mysterious reverberations of a distant, graceful melody. With it's delicacy, it captivates our attention becoming more and more decisive and insistent with every iteration. Melting the rhythms of Reggae and House together, Rhauder absorbs this very special mood of composed ease with an unique groove, and develops it further with an attentive, cautious voice of Paul St. Hilaire. Kamran Sadeghi's fascinating synth hooks develop complex, space-grabbing shapes reminding of clouds as they change their shapes within seconds. The groove being able to structure those intricacies without dwindling their richness. Alex & Digby translate this colossal sonic drama into a humorous, imaginative orchestra of rustling and chirping sounds. The track is grounded by a beautiful vocal magically jumping between something like an awe-inspiring prayer, a detached meditation or a childlike singalong. We do not understand the words, but we feel the deep self-awareness of this very special human being. Väth pushes the firm bassline of Traumer into the track. Pulsating with an unexpected timing, Traumer s bass positions the set firmly on the dancefloor. But it is not time to take off. Not just yet. With the gentle piano chords and the luscious house groove of Omar S from Detroit, Väth reaches a magical Zen moment.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1. Sabor Latino (Mix of Life Version) - Harald BJÖRK

2. Ordine Gigante - Ripperton

3. Molekule - Rhauder & Paul St. Hilaire

4. Sea - Love Over Entropy

5. Flow Me - Kamran Sadeghi

6. Angolan Rumble - Alex & Digby

7. Ijah - Traumer

8. Heard'chew (Feat. John FM) - Omar S

9. Oriane - Eddie Fowlkes

10. Sheeos Unn Note - C-Rau

11. Electrica Salsa (Feat. Sven VÄTH) [Roman Flugel RMX] - Off

12. Dream Yourself Awake - Pantha Du Prince

Disc: 2

1. A-1 - Levon Vincent

2. Ordine Gigante - Ripperton

3. Nine (André Galluzzi Remix) - Hot City Orchestra

4. Sonnenfinsternis - Adam Port

5. Trouble at the Seance (KÖLSCH Remix) - Damian Lazarus

6. Er Suonone - Margot

7. Swim - Danny Daze

8. Robot (KÖLSCH Remix) - Sven VÄTH

9. Take You There (Feat. Mr. V) - Slam

10. Spin - Floorplan

11. Fifth Gear - Bart Skils

12. By Night (Part One) - Johannes Heil

13. Entroterra - Emmanuel 14. Mutter - Konstantin Sibold