Format: CD
Status: Εξαντλημένο - Out of Stock
Label: Flashover
Release Date: 16/06/2017
Number of Discs: 2


The world renowed Dutch Trance DJ Ferry Corsten, also

known as Gouryella, System F, Moonman, Pulp Victim

and Albion plays at events and festivals all over the

world, including Electric Daisy Festival, Tomorrowland,

Stereosonic, Space Ibiza and has been consistently ranked

among DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ’s poll.

Awards: 1999 Muzik Magazine for producer of the Year /

2000 Dancestar Award for Best Remix Of the Year 1999 /

2003 BG Magazine Dance Awards for Biggest Hit / 2005 DJ

Award for Best Trance DJ / 2007 DJ Award for Best Trance

DJ / 2015 A State Of Trance Award for Tune of the Year.

“A mysterious message from outer space confounds all of


A true labour of love, given his passion for discovery science

and space and time, Ferry Corsten’s ‘Blueprint’ has set him

on course for his own discovery as a producer, artist and

storyteller. And he wants you to join him on this journey… “A

message…A Blueprint…to build a life form…” In a voyage to

design something that would illuminate beyond just the

dancefloor, Ferry has pieced together a truly remarkable

piece of work in this enthralling concept album that puts

focus on a narrative of the existence of mankind and our

desire to reach beyond on our own world, for love, for

curiosity, for the exploration of our existence?

This sci-fi inspired release synthesizes an interstellar

journey wrapped in wonder, love and the unknown.

Through the stories of the album’s protagonists Lukas

and Vee, listeners are propelled into a cinematic voyage

that is story-driven by narration, whilst encapsulated in a

musical craftsmanship that will have its audience in awe.

Trance to Pop and Easy Electronica. A must-have for Trancefans

and Science Fiction-fans alike.