Format: CD
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Release Date: 06/10/2016
Number of Discs: 2
Hello Magic Islanders, I've spent 4 months working on this new edition, going through more than 500 tracks to pick out those special ones, went back and forth with the producers to make the tracks fit perfectly and also worked myself on a couple of exclusive new tracks under some of my aliases to set the tone for the album. To work on an album like this, it's like doing a puzzle, trying to find the right pieces. It starts with an idea of the range of sound, and what kind of mood I wanna have. It also depends on the current sound of my radio show and what I'm playing as a DJ in my live sets. Every track is made exclusively for this album. I believe this is something quite special about the Magic Island compilation series. I hope you'll enjoy the wide range of sounds, from the very chilled deep house tracks, to sexy tribal grooves, my signature balearic sound, and up to the banging, uplifting trance. This time I went to Miami to record and mix the album. It's always a great inspiration to mix the album surrounded by the beach and palm trees. I hope to see you somewhere out there!" Roger Shah.
Disc: 1 1. Holding Closer - Brian Laruso & John James Renfrow featuring Meredith Avery 2. Endless Dream - Rogier Dulac & Miss Autumn Leaves 3. The Way - Brian Laruso 4. Day Out - Raul Pablo Sanchez 5. Island Ride - Static Bloom 6. Into The Morning Light - Balearic Session 7. Bouncing Chips - Raul Pablo Sanchez 8. I Just Wanna Dance With You - Sunlounger featuring Kingseyes 9. The Ending - Eddie Murray featuring Rosco 10. John Lover - NotAndrew & Alain Ducroix 11. Beautiful People - High Noon At Salinas 12. Into The Night - Christian Drost 13. Coconuts & Pineapples - Sunlounger 14. You Are My Lighthouse - Bob Memphis 15. La Digue - Clarks 16. Footsteps In The Sand - Clarks 17. Something Inside Me - Marc Lee featuring Angelika Borof Disc: 2 1. Minnewanka - Serge Macoveu | Serge Macoveu 2. All Is Lost - Arcania | Arcania 3. One More Time - CJ Seven featuring Marjan | CJ Seven featuring Marjan 4. A World For Us - Hamza Khammessi | Hamza Khammessi 5. Celtic Beauty - David Broaders | David Broaders 6. Space Odyssey - Dirkie Coetzee | Dirkie Coetzee 7. Winter Tale - Emanuele Braveri featuring Aylin | Emanuele Braveri featuring Aylin 8. Filtered Thoughts - Yodis | Yodis 9. Into The Stars - Rene Ablaze featuring Robin Vane | Rene Ablaze featuring Robin Vane 10. Reasons To Live - Roger Shah & Moya Brennan | Roger Shah & Moya Brennan 11. Youâ™ll Find Me There - Dirkie Coetzee featuring Amy Kirkpatrick | Dirkie Coetzee featuring Amy Kirkp 12. Hope For The Future - Andy Elliass & ARCZI | Andy Elliass & ARCZI 13. Love Heals You - Roger Shah & LeiLani | Roger Shah & LeiLani 14. Magic Island - Andrew Henry & Glorius | Andrew Henry & Glorius 15. Never Forget - Roger Shah & Nathia Kate featuring Amber | Roger Shah & Nathia Kate featuring 16. Luminas - Bernis | Bernis 17. Together - Sunbrothers featuring Natalia Meister | Sunbrothers featuring Natalia Meister 18. Satellite - Platen & Clarks