Format: CD
Status: Ενημέρωση για την διαθεσιμότητα εντός 24 ωρών
Release Date: 13/05/2012
Number of Discs: 1
The Berlin based collective Jazzanova have long been known for remixing the work of other artists, as attested by a number of compilations currently available, spread across a number of record labels. The reason for their success probably lies in the eclectic nature of the soundworld in which they choose to operate, reflecting a love of Soul, Funk, R&B, Folk and (most notably) Jazz. This release features a number of tracks issued by the collective, remixed, retouched or reframed by the musical vision of similarly inspired artists, and serves as reminder of what they are about whilst fans await a follow up to 2009's 'Of All Things'. The release features a single issue cd or as a vinyl release issued as two separate discs.

The collection opens with the heavy thump of Alex Barck's remix of 'Little Bird', taking a yearning and beautifully constructed track (featuring the vocals of Jose James) and adjusting it suitably according to a dance informed vision. Subjectively one suspects that the original version (featuring on 'Of All Things') will outlast this remix, which whilst effective in a utillitarian way significantly lacks the emotional impact and sheer engagement of the original. Henrik Schwarz takes the helm for 'Let Me Show You' (Featuring Paul Randolph), created according to the requirements of a slower paced electronic groove (think rumbling bassline and sparse almost instrumental vision, with odd snatches of real instrumentation). Someone will use this as the musical setting for an international advertising campaign, a fate also likely to fall upon Ame's remix of 'Glow & Glare' - another studied electronically driven dancefloor groove.

'I Can See' (Featuring Ben Westbeech) features in two versions, a warm Jazz driven rework by Ye:Solar and the Midnight Marauder's elongated (and largely instrumental) vision, which unfurls slowly, building and suggesting an imminent (and possibly interesting) development, yet never quite delivering what it initially promised. 'Dance The Dance', remixed by Atjazz, follows on from the sound provided by Ye:Solar, a Jazz inflected construct that builds over a propulsive and skittering rythmn that is suggestive of further musical traditions, and is undoubtedly a highlight of the collection. 'Lie' (Featuring Thief) is represented by a Soldiers Of House remix, brooding, dark, with ethereal processed vocals. Mr Scruff's reworking of 'Boom Clicky Boom Klack' originally appeared in 2004, and features the vocals of Shaun Escoffrey. The bassline is low and threatening, whilst the percussive edges propel the track along in a highly concentrated and 'club friendly' manner. One best appreciated when being heard through the ears and and felt through a rattling ribcage. Paul Randolph appears again to provide the vocal to Neve Naive's reconsideration of 'Lucky Girl', which owes much to the fractured, broken sound of of Julien Dyne, Flying Lotus et al.

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