BENEATH THE EYRIE (Deluxe CD In a Hard Casebound Book) - PIXIES - CD

Artist: PIXIES
Format: CD
Label: Infectious Music
Release Date: 13/09/2019
Number of Discs: 1
BENEATH THE EYRIE (Deluxe CD In a Hard Casebound Book) - PIXIES
Visceral, musically cinematic, otherworldly but strangely familiar and a bit unsettling, welcome to Pixies' brand-new studio album, 'Beneath the Eyrie', where tales of witches, Daniel Boone, misfits and other characters fit utterly into the band's inherent weirdness. 'Beneath the Eyrie', produced by GRAMMY-nominated Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Royal Blood, Pixies' Head Carrier), was written over the course of 2018 and recorded last December at Dreamland Recordings near Woodstock, NY. While taking a break outside the studio - originally St. John's Church built in 1896 - Lovering spotted an eagles nest - or "eyrie" - right above the studio in a tree. Hence the album's title, 'Beneath the Eyrie'. Listen to 12 new modern rock bangers.

Combining a love of 1960s melodies with intense guitars and a natural fascination of the perverse and werd, Black Francis's gang of outsiders, Pixies, became cult heroes in the late 1980s against a backdrop of metal bands and manufactured pop.

1. In the Arms of Mrs. Mark of Cain

2. On Graveyard Hill

3. Catfish Kate

4. This is My Fate

5. Ready For Love

6. Silver Bullet

7. Long Rider

8. Los Surfers Muertos

9. St. Nazaire

10. Bird of Prey

11. Daniel Boone

12. Death Horizon