The Million Masks of God - Manchester Orchestra - CD

Artist: Manchester Orchestra
Format: CD
Status: Διαθέσιμο Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας (Προϋπόθεση ύπαρξης stock στον προμηθευτή)
Label: EMI
Release Date: 30/04/2021
Number of Discs: 1
The Million Masks of God - Manchester Orchestra

The Million Masks of God showcases the strength and boundary-pushing invention of Manchester Orchestra's catalog, and is a testament to the kinship of its songwriting duo-the bond that enables them to take something so tragically personal and turn it into limitless, compassionate, communal, revelatory art. Softpak. Includes 20 page booklet.

1 Inaudible

2 Angel Of Death

3 Keel Timing

4 Bed Head

5 Annie

6 Telepath

7 Let It Storm

8 Dinosaur

9 Obstacle

10 Way Back

11 The Internet

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