MP-302 - Numark - Dj Gear

Manufacturer: Numark
Format: Dj Gear
Status: Μη Διαθέσιμο. Currently Not Available


* Drive Unit: 482w x 88.8h x 262d (mm)

* Control Unit: 482w x 88.8h x 97d (mm)


* Drive Unit: 4.9Kg

* Control Unit: 1.5Kg

Power source

* AC 115/230v, 50/60Hz, 23 watts

Audio Characteristics

* Output level: 2VRMS +/-0.5dB (typical); 2VRMS +/-1dB (limit); 1KHz, 0dB (condition)

* Channel Balance: Within 0.2dB (typical); Within 1dB (limit); 1KHz, 0dB (condition)

* Frequency Response: 20-20KHz +/-0.4dB (typical); 20-20KHz +/-1dB (limit); 0dB output (condition)

* THD: .0052% (typical); .01% (limit); 1KHz, 0dB (condition)

* S/N ratio: 120dB (typical); 90dB (limit); 1KHz, 0dB (condition)

Media Format

* Level 1 (max. 8”/8.3” character style) ISO9660

* Level 2 (max. 31/30 character style)

* Joliet max. 64/64 character style

* CD-ROM sector format mode-1 only

* Max. number of Folders 255

* Max. number of files max. 999 files (see note #1)

* MPEG 1 Layer 3 standard (ISO/IEC11172-3), which provides for single channel (‘mono’) and two-channel (‘stereo’) coding at sampling rates of 32, 44.1 and 48kHz

* MPEG 2 Layer 3 standard (ISO/IEC 13818-3), which provides for similar coding at sampling rates of 16, 22.05, 24 kHz

* MPEG 2.5 Layer 3 standard, which provides for similar coding at sampling rates of 8, 11.025 and 12 kHz.

* Disc at Once and Track at Once

* Disc Writing Method Multi Session [if the 1st session is CDDA, you can playback Only CDDA track, if the 1st session is MP3, you can playback only MP3 file]


* MP302 control unit

* MP302 drive unit

* Interconnection cable

* Two stereo RCA cables

* Two Fader Start cables

* Power cable

* Quick start guide