DEEJAY TRIM 4&6 - Hercules - Dj Gear

Manufacturer: Hercules
Format: Dj Gear
Status: Μη Διαθέσιμο. Currently Not Available

USB Audio Interface for DJing created for Advanced & Pro Deejays using an advanced DJ Control surface featuring no audio interface (e.g. DJ Control Steel, Vestax VCI-100, Numark Total Control and Steel Control etc.)

Technical specifications

4-channel output

* For internal mixing: play the mix on outputs 1-2 / preview on outputs 3-4

* For external mixing: assign outputs 1-2 to left deck, outputs 3-4 to right deck and mix on an external mixer

4-channel input (Line & Phono level)

* Line level: connect external MP3 / CD players and mix them with computer tracks

* Phono level: connect vinyl turntables and mix them with computer audio files

Headphones output for monitoring

* Stereo ¼’’ jack output for connecting headphones, featuring a volume button

* Set the monitored channels: outputs 3-4 for preview / outputs 1-2 for the mix

Microphone input with talk-over function

* Mono ¼’’ jack input for connecting a microphone

* Talk-over mode (mix the microphone input with background music)

Preamplifiers on 4-channel inputs

* 2 stereo preamplifiers to adjust the volume of the 4-channel analogue inputs:

* 2 buttons and 4 view-meters to set the volume of analogue inputs

* Supports high-level sources (e.g. Pioneer CD players) and phono turntables

USB 2 high-speed hub with power adapter

* 3-port high-speed USB hub to plug your DJ controller and external storage device.

* Power adapter included.

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