INTERNET - C.O.W. - LP Vinyl

Artist: C.O.W.
Format: LP Vinyl
Status: Διαθέσιμο Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας
Release Date: 07/02/2020
Number of Discs: 1

A1 The Cowing
A2 Cringe Lords
A3 Shang Dang
A4 General Ling
A5 Gang Brain
A6 Swear
B1 heQi
B2 Play With U
B4 Circe
B5 Liu Liu Liu
B6 A.way

C.O.W. are back. In fact they were never gone. Having released two iconic features with the likes of Alxndr London (UK) and Hatsune Miku (JP) following the success of their previous $hanghai Mone EP, the German-Chinese producer collective finally delivers their long-awaited first album. Being a true child of the digital world, what better name could they have chosen than the one of their very own genre: INTERNET.

But it wouldn?ft be C.O.W. if there wasn?'t a catch to it. A conceptual twist. Something deeper.

The internet is a place of uncountable content, phenomenon and impressions. However, in the worldview of the collective all of these can be comprised into four elements: EPIC, FURY, LOVE and DRUGS. A philosophical concept turned album. Four elements that define our surrounding, our tasteand opinion-makers, our filterbubbles and echo-chambers. We all know and experience them when traveling through that fantastic space.

Like turning from praise to hate, from excitement to sadness within a few clicks, so will the album take you on a journey through all these elements, all those feelings within the collectives mind-blowing productions.

C.O.W. are back, but - like content in the Internet - they've always been there, you only needed to look for them.

in the press :

"C.O.W. ‹ merge music and visual art to create a truly captivating and fully immersive multi-sensory experience." -

"Being in a night club that has a swimming pool in the year 2049 and occasionally getting zapped by electrical charges." -

"A multi-cultural heater" -

"$hanghai Mone showcases C.O.W. 's fearless traversal through a myriad of genres in their quest to break out of stale tropes and not be easily defined." -

"Where do we even begin with the phenomenon that defines C.O.W. ? For starters, there's nothing else quite like it... the entire persona of energy and mystery that makes up this project is mind-boggling." -

"Originally a German-Chinese musical project, the quartet better-known as C.O.W. - developed to a holistic artistic persona looking for company in a local Asian grocery store wearing nothing less than a drag-cowcostume. they make energy-infused beats with strong jazzy intros followed by drops that are super attractive to dancers and music-lovers alik." - (Canada)

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