BLUEFINGER - 140g Marbled Blue Vinyl - FRANCIS BLACK - LP Vinyl

Barcode: 5014797905689 / 7A8423
Format: LP Vinyl
Status: Διαθέσιμο Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας Εξωτερικού
Label: DEMON / BRT
Release Date: 23/07/2021
Number of Discs: 1
BLUEFINGER - 140g Marbled Blue Vinyl - FRANCIS BLACK

FRANCIS BLACK BLUEFINGER - 140g Marbled Blue Vinyl

• After 15 years of releasing music under the Frank Black pseudonym, Black Francis returned in 2007 with the new album ‘Bluefinger’. • Whilst recording the album, Black was "gripped by the spirit of Herman Brood“ – the fabled Dutch musician and artist. The result is a collection of 11 loud and rowdy songs inspired by Brood including the single ‘Threshold Apprehension’. • Now available on vinyl for the very first time, this reissue features the complete album pressed on 140g marbled blue vinyl

1. Captain Pasty

2. Threshold Apprehension

3. Test Pilot Blues

4. Lolita

5. Tight Black Rubber

6. Angels Come To Comfort You

7. Your Mouth Into Mine

8. Discotheque 36

9. You Can't Break a Heart and Have It

10. She Took All the Money

11. Bluefinger