Format: LP Vinyl
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Release Date: 15/08/2012
Number of Discs: 2
After a three year hiatus Bloc Party have returned with their fourth album, imaginatively named...Four. Their first three efforts had all demonstrated different sides to the band. Silent Alarm was a fantastic and fresh take on indie-pop-rock; A Weekend In The City was far more progressive and moody; while Intimacy displayed Kele's bourgeoning love for electronic music. This tradition of evolution begged the question of where Bloc Party would take their sound on their `come-back' LP. The answer is that it returns the band to its roots without a synth in sight, but what the album lacks in innovation, it more than makes up for in inspiration, proving that relying solely on two guitars, a bass, drums and vocals needn't be a restriction on creative output. The songs on Four are packed with enticing guitar lines, first single, `Octopus', being a great example. It is certainly the bands heaviest album to date, with songs like `Kettling' and `We Are Not Good People' utilising grunge-inspired riffs. Fans who have been craving a Silent Alarm part 2 will find more to enjoy here than on AWITC or Intimacy. `V.A.L.I.S.' is just a super catchy slab of indie pop and `Truth' comes complete with infectious sing-along `Ooo Ooo Ooooos'. Slower songs like `Real Talk', and especially `Day Four', flaunt Bloc Party's gentler side and are beautifully written, adding an extra element to the album without sacrificing its intensity. Lyrically it is not Kele's strongest offering and there are a couple of easily forgettable tracks (`Team A' and `The Healing') but as a whole, `Four' can sit proudly in Bloc Party's catalogue. It may not be ground-breaking, but musically it is undoubtedly very rewarding.

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