1970 - T. REX - LP Vinyl

Barcode: 5014797907621
Artist: T. REX
Format: LP Vinyl
Status: Διαθέσιμο για παραγγελία - προϋπόθεση να υπάρχει απόθεμα στον προμηθευτή - Αποστολή εντός 10 με 15 ημερών
Release Date: 14/10/2022
Number of Discs: 1
1970 - T. REX

Following the success of the 2LP set “1972”, Demon Records is proud to announce two new releases in the Marc Bolan “Songwriter” series. This is a vinyl-only, intimate series that focuses on the private and creative Marc Bolan, with the emphasis on how that affected his songwriting.

The first of these new releases is “1970”, which takes us to the year in which Tyrannosaurus Rex metamorphosed into T. Rex. This 18 track selection commences with six tracks by Tyrannosaurus Rex, where songs like “Woodland Bop” point the way to the duo’s future sound.

On side two, the electric T. Rex sound emerges with songs like “Beltane Walk” and the hit “Ride A White Swan”. As the sleevenote says, “By late 1970, Bolan was on his feet and sending fans home with his revival of Eddie Cochran’s teen anthem ‘Summertime Blues’. It was now time to write some teen anthems of his own”.

This release has been compiled and fully annotated by Mark Paytress, author of the definitive biography “Marc Bolan: The Rise And Fall of a 20th Century Superstar”, and the recently-published “Glam! When Superstars Rocked The World, 1970-74”.

1. Prelude

2. By the Light of a Magical Moon

3. Woodland Bop

4. Lofty Skies

5. Elemental Child

6. A Day Laye

7. Oh Baby

8. Childe

9. Jewel

10. Summer Deep

11. Diamond Meadows

12. Seagull Woman

13. Is It Love?

14. Ride a White Swan

15. The Time of Love is Now

16. Beltane Walk

17. Suneye

18. Summertime Blues