Barcode: 0801056899415
Format: LP Vinyl
Status: Διαθέσιμο Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας (Προϋπόθεση ύπαρξης stock στον προμηθευτή)
Release Date: 12/08/2022
Number of Discs: 1

Candlemass, formed by bassist & songwriter Leif Edling in Stockholm in 1984, are well known for its influential Epic Doom Metal sound, which itself evolved out of the masterful Black Sabbath.

'Nightfall' was the second Candlemass album, from 1987. Alongside first album 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus' this is hailed as an all-time Doom classic & was instrumental in shaping the Doom Metal scene that still exists 20 years on. 'Nightfall' is often regarded as the definitive Candlemass album & the pinnacle of the Epic Doom scene. On 'Nightfall', joining bass player & main songwriter Leif Edling was vocalist Jan Alfredo Marcolin, better known as Messiah Marcolin, who became a well-established & highly regarded vocalist throughout the Metal world, with his unusual & theatrical tones. Messiah Marcolin became an iconic figure in the band until the early 1990’s when he decided to leave Candlemass due to a variety of infamous disputes.

'Nightfall' is a continuation of the band's debut; more epic & melodic heavy doom, though the band were also not afraid to vary tempo on occasions, integrating faster elements to the compositions giving a more dynamic feel. 'Nightfall' truly helped define the genre & paved the way for Doom Metal's future, with the album featuring in members of My Dying Bride's top albums of all time.

This edition of 'Nightfall' is presented on black vinyl, featuring the iconic original cover artwork.

1. Gothic Stone

2. The Well of Souls

3. Codex Gigas

4. At the Gallows End

5. Samarithan

6. Marche Funebre

7. Dark Are the Veils of Death

8. Mourner's Lament

9. Bewitched

10. Black Candles