Permanent Vacation 4 - LP Vinyl

Format: LP Vinyl
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Label: Permanent Vacation
Release Date: 17/12/2016
Number of Discs: 2
Permanent Vacation 4

Hi And Saberhägen are two friends from Glasgow who make some incredible music, check their latest 12“ on Proibito. Carrot Green is a young new talent from Brasil, he blends Brazilian Music, House and Techno, also did some great edits (as on Disco Halal). Young Marco from Amsterdam is a fantastic producer and DJ, his talent for producing the right voice in an emotive melody and dynamic arrangement is aspirational. His debut album „Biology“ on ESP Institute was truly impressive. As a product of Melbourne’s effervescent music scene, Fantastic Man, AKA Mic Newman had several remarkable releases on his own Fine Choice label. Prins Emanuel, part of the Malmö based label Fasaan delivers the perfect Summer vibes. Alex Burkat from USA returns with another gem, after his 12“ for Permanent Vacation last year. Correspondent’s Man Power keeps them comin, his Thnk U 12“ on Stamp Records being one of the hotties right now. Benedikt Frey from Frankfurt had some great output with 12“s and remixes for Life At Robert Johnson, Love Pain Sunshine and Rain, ESP Institute, plus the amazing debut album of his project Init on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs. Hugh Mane from UK just released another wonderful dusted house ep on Running Back. Cleveland is the nom-de-guerre of upcoming Luxembourgian producer Andrea Mancini, who had two highly promising 12“ releases on White and Hivern Discs. Map.ache from Leipzig is the man behind Kann Records and part of the brilliant house scene in East Germany, currently finishing his debut album for Giegling. Suzanne Kraft from Los Angeles is also no stranger, after stunning releases on Running Back, a fresh 12“ on Kitjen, plus his album „Talk From Home“ which came out on Melody As Truth last year.