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Altered Images – Mascara Streakz – Vinyl LP


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR18247 Κατηγορία:

Barcode: 0711297532517

In their first incarnation, Altered Images and their iconic frontwoman Clare Grogan enjoyed an intense burst of success that made them the brightest emerging stars of the new wave scene, winners of the Best New Act at the NME Awards and in turn big chart hitters in the 1980s with smash singles including a catalogue of Top 10 classics such as – ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘I Could Be Happy’ and ‘Don’t Talk To Me About Love’. Altered Images have been touring on-and-off for the past two decades, most recently returning to arenas as guests of The Human League, but now led by Clare Grogan, Altered Images make a long awaited return with the news that they will release their new album ‘Mascara Streakz’ on August 26th representing the first new music in almost forty years. Their return will also gather pace with the confirmation of a UK headline tour which begins this September alongside a number of Summer Festival appearances.

‘Mascara Streakz’ sees Clare working with Altered Images alumni Stephen Lironi, alongside further collaborators including former Suede guitarist and now Jessie Buckley musical partner, Bernard Butler as well as Robert Hodgens (aka Bobby Bluebell of The Bluebells) and is a set of songs that ranks up there with their very best early ‘80s hits.

The first single ‘Mascara Streakz’ captures the essence of what Altered Images aimed to achieve with the album. Like their big hits and fan favourites, it is instantly immediate but its synth-pop melody and contemporary beats are an evolution from the band’s original spiky guitar pop style. The new album respects everything that Altered Images were the first time around, but also sounds like a very organic next step, from the throbbing electro floor-filler ‘Colour of My Dreams’ to the pure pop euphoria of ‘Home’ and daring, dazzling disco on ‘Glitter Ball’, it’s apparent that Altered Images in 2022 is about looking ahead to the future.

1. Mascara Streakz
2. Red Startles the Sky
3. Colour of My Dreams
4. Glitter Ball
5. Your Life is Mine
6. Home
7. Beautiful Thing
8. Changing My Luck
9. Lost of Love
10. Double Reflection
11. The Flame
12. Sleep

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Altered Images – Mascara Streakz – Vinyl LP