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Bettye Swann – Bettye Swann – Vinyl LP








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Barcode: 0600753974032

High Quality, Insert

Soul artist Bettye Swann was born in Shreveport, USA on October 24, 1944 and spent her first nineteen years in Louisiana. She moved to California and signed a deal with Money Records, recording her breakthrough hit “Make Me Yours” in 1967, which is still her biggest selling record. After the contract expired, she signed to Capitol Records and teamed up with producer Wayne Shuler and recorded a R&B version of Hank Cochran’s country song “Don’t Touch Me”.

On this comprehensive self-titled double album, compiled by Mark Ainley, classic songs such as “Tell Me Like It Is”, “Stand By Your Man”,  “(My Heart Is) Closed For The Season”, “Willie & Laura Mae Jones” plus 18 heartfelt soul songs showcase Bettye’s unique voice.

Bettye Swann is available as a 2LP and includes an insert with liner notes written by Tim Tooher.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes insert
  • 2LP compilation of Bettye Swann’s iconic soul songs, including “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye”, “(My Heart is) Closed for the Season” and “Tell it Like it is” a.o.

1. Don’t You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)?
2. (My Heart Is) Closed For The Season
3. I’m Lonely For You
4. Don’t Touch Me
5. Little Things Mean A Lot

1. Cover Me
2. Just Because You Can’t Be Mine
3. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
4. Sweet Dreams
5. You’re Up To Your Same Old Tricks Again

1. No Faith No Love
2. Ain’t That Peculiar
3. Don’t Let It Happen To Us
4. Today I Started Loving You Again
5. Words
6. These Arms Of Mine

1. Tell It Like It Is
2. Stand By Your Man
3. Chained & Bound
4. Willie & Laura Mae Jones
5. Angel Of The Morning
6. Traces

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Bettye Swann – Bettye Swann – Vinyl LP