Billy Cobham – Spectrum – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 603497838202

Limited Edition

180 gram audiophile vinyl / Gatefold sleeve

Billy Cobham is one of the greatest jazz-fusion drummers from the last decades. Shortly after he left the band Mahavishnu Orchestra he released his debut solo album ‘Spectrum’. Influenced by the music of Miles Davis he combines elements from the jazz with rock and psychedelia. From the subtle parts to the more aggressive moments, it’s an album in which Cobham shows his identity to the public. The music quartet recorded some lengthy pieces, out of which ‘Stratus’ is the absolute masterpiece. The funky grooves and effective guitar melodies blend together very well and the jazz comes alive in the outstanding drum play by Cobham. ‘Quadrant 4’ is another great track in which the music erupts and the synergy between the musicians can be felt. As a member of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and in his collaboration with Miles Davis, Billy Cobham earned recognition for his impressive playing style and live performance.

1 Quadrant 4

2 Searching for the Right Door

3 Spectrum

4 Anxiety

5 Taurian Matador

6 Stratus

7 To the Women in My Life

8 Le Lis

9 Snoopy’s Search

10 Red Baron


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Billy Cobham – Spectrum – Vinyl LP