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Boingo – Boingo – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 8719262030039

High Quality, Insert

The American new wave band Oingo Boingo was formed by Danny Elfman in 1979 and were known for their experimental music, which can be described as a mix of rock, ska, pop and world music. The band’s body of work spanned 17 years, with various genre- and line-up changes. In 1994, after shortening their name into just Boingo, they released their final studio album Boingo. At that time, the line-up consisted of Elfman, Steve Bartek, and John Avila. The album features a cover version of The Beatles “I Am The Walrus”. Elfman would later become the legendary film composer he now is. Spiderman, Batman, Alice in Wonderland, the Simpsons tune- too name but a few- are all by his hand.

Boingo is available on black vinyl and includes a 4-page booklet.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes 4-page booklet
  • Final studio album by Boingo, also known as Oingo Boingo, formed by film composer Danny Elfman
  • Black vinyl

Side A
1. Insanity
2. Hey!

Side B
1. Mary
2. Can’t See (Useless)
3. Pedestrian Wolves

Side C
1. Lost Like This
2. Spider
3. War Again
4. I Am The Walrus
5. Tender Lumplings

Side D
1. Change

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Boingo – Boingo – Vinyl LP