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Deacon Blue – All the Old 45’s – CD


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Barcode: 0711297536829

‘All The Old 45s – The Very Best of Deacon Blue’ coincides with the band’s UK and Ireland tour of the same name, and charts their multi-million selling history – from bringing ‘Chocolate Girl’ and ‘Dignity’ to life in the corner of a Glasgow basement, to skyscraping, stadium-filling hits like ‘Wages Day’ and ‘Real Gone Kid’, via their swoon-inducing tribute to Bacharach and David (‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’), their collective favourite single (‘Your Swaying Arms’), and one of the most significant songs in the Deacon Blue canon, which followed a split in 1994 and the loss of two original members: 2012’s comeback single ‘The Hipsters’ heralded a new lease of life for the group, and jump-started a second act that’s seen them more fired up, and prolific, than ever.

Disc: 1
1 Dignity
2 Loaded
3 When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)
4 Chocolate Girl
5 Real Gone Kid
6 Wages Day
7 Fergus Sings The Blues
8 Love And Regret
9 Queen Of The New Year
10 Iâ™ll Never Fall In Love Again
11 Your Swaying Arms
12 Twist And Shout
13 Closing Time
14 Cover From The Sky
15 Your Town
16 Will We Be Lovers
17 Only Tender Love
18 Hang Your Head
19 I Was Right and You Were Wrong
20 Bound To Love

Disc: 2
1 Homesick
2 Every Time You Sleep (Radio Edit)
3 Bigger Than Dynamite
4 The One About Loneliness
5 The Hipsters
6 The Outsiders
7 Thatâ™s What We Can Do
8 Turn (Remix)
9 Youâ™ll Know Itâ™s Christmas
10 A New House
11 I Wish I Was A Girl Like You
12 Bethlehem Begins
13 Win
14 The Believers
15 This Is A Love Song (MHB Radio Mix)
16 Gone (Ash Howes Radio Mix)
17 I Will And I Wonâ™t
18 City Of Love
19 Hit Me Where It Hurts (Radio Edit)
20 Wonderful
21 Riding On The Tide Of Love (Ash Howes Radio Mix)

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Deacon Blue – All the Old 45’s – CD