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Hank Mobley – Workout – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 0602458320343

High Quality, Reissue

Critic Leonard Feather once described Hank Mobley, who died in 1986, as the “middleweight champion of the tenor saxophone.” That doesn’t sound particularly flattering at first, but it was only intended to convey that Mobley’s phrasing placed him between two other tenor sax champions: the “heavyweight” John Coltrane and the “lightweight” Stan Getz. On “Workout” in 1961, Mobley, supported by a quintet of young modernists, presented himself in captivating top form. BLUE NOTE CLASSIC VINYL EDITION: Stereo, completely analogue, mastered by Kevin Gray from the original master tapes, pressed on 180g vinyl at Optimal, in a single sleeve.

1 Workout
2 Uh Huh
3 Smokin’
4 The Best Things In Life Are Free
5 Greasin’ Easy

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Hank Mobley – Workout – Vinyl LP