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Laura Pausini – Fatti Sentire – Vinyl LP


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR19151 Κατηγορία:

Barcode: 5054197673955

High Quality, Transparent, Coloured Vinyl, Limited Edition, Gatefold Sleeve

Among the various activities aimed at celebrating the first 30 years of LAURA PAUSINI’s career, the first initiative, which follows the Live marathon Concert held on February 27th, 2023, is the exclusive releasing for the first time on vinyl, in a limited and numbered edition, of all her Albums recorded in Studio!

From 1993 until today, that young girl has really come a long way, becoming one of the most successful musical phenomena, in Italy and in the world!

To make the project even more special: the collector has the possibility of listening in exclusive streaming two extra tracks, taken from the #Laura30 live performances. We mean the three special performances that the Artist gave last February 27th in New York, Madrid and Milan.

A sticker with the #Laura30 logo is applied to the cover of each vinyl and is included also an info-card with a dedicated QR code that will provide instructions for listening in streaming of the two live tracks, always different for each album.

FATTI SENTIRE is the thirteenth album of unreleased songs released in 2018. The two extra songs included are Non è detto (live Italian/Spanish) and Frasi a metà (live Italian/Spanish).

Fatti sentire is a song that Laura chosen to launch a very specific message: “Make yourself heard, make your voice heard, your presence … let your personality come out and your individuality … who you are counts … you are important”.

14 tracks in which Laura gives voice to as many stories that bring together Italian and international sounds and a fusion of different musical genres, authors, producers and musicians that have characterized this moment of her increasingly international career and which, precisely in 2018, reached the 25th Anniversary!

Disc: 1
1 Non È Detto
2 Nuevo
3 La Soluzione
4 E. Sta. A. Te
5 Frasi a Metà
6 Le Due Finestre
7 Fantastico (Fai Quello Che Sei)
8 No River Is Wilder

Disc: 2
1 L’ultima Cosa Che Ti Devo
2 Un Progetto Di Vita in Comune
3 Il Caso È Chiuso
4 Zona D’ombra
5 Francesca (Piccola Aliena)
6 Il Coraggio Di Andare

91KDx9Ag6 L. AC SL1500 Laura Pausini - Fatti Sentire - Vinyl LP
Laura Pausini – Fatti Sentire – Vinyl LP