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Maria Callas – Puccini: Turandot – Vinyl LP


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR20052 Κατηγορία:

Barcode: 5054197604836

Puccini: Turandot is an album by Maria Callas, released in 2023. The album is a classical 3-LP.

Featured Artists:

Tullio Serafin, Eugenio Fernandi, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Nicola Zaccaria, Giuseppe Nessi, Mario Borriello, Renato Ercolani, Piero De Palma, Giulio Mauri, Elisabetta Fusco, Pinuccia Perotti, Norberto Mola

“To have Callas, the most flashing-eyed of all sopranos as Turandot, is the most natural piece of casting. With her Turandot was not just an implacable man-hater but a highly provocative female. […] With her the character seems so much more believably complex than with others. […] The conducting is so vivid that the limitations of the 1957 mono sound hardly seem to matter.” Gramophone

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Maria Callas – Puccini: Turandot – Vinyl LP