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Metallica – Metallica – Vinyl LP


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Pressed on limited edition some blacked marbled 






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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR20669 Κατηγορία:

Barcode: 0602455725974

Coloured Vinyl, High Quality, Reissue, Remastered, Limited Edition

Metallica is an album by Metallica, released in 2024.

Metallica announces plans to press the band’s first five studio albums on special limited edition coloured vinyl, available ex-North America. Each month from November 2023 to March 2024 will see a new title/colourway being released.
Metallica aka the Black Album, the first Metallica album to reach #1 in the charts, becoming the band’s best-selling album, will be released on March 1st 2024 as a 2LP pressed on 180g ‘Some Blacker Marbled’ limited edition coloured vinyl, featuring the 2021 remastered audio.

Side A
1 Enter Sandman
2 Sad But True
3 Holier Than Thou

Side B
1 The Unforgiven
2 Wherever I May Roam
3 Don’t Tread On Me

Side C
1 Through The Never
2 Nothing Else Matters
3 Of Wolf And Man

Side D
1 The God That Failed
2 My Friend Of Misery
3 The Struggle Within

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Metallica – Metallica – Vinyl LP