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Philip Glass – Dancepieces – CD


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Barcode: 8718627231371

“Glasspieces” was originally performed in 1983, “In The Upper Room” suite premiered in 1986, and both accompanied a ballet performance. This is the only place you can find the ensemble version of the “Funeral” from ‘Akhenaten’, which was a show-stopper from Glass’s ensemble concerts of the mid-80s. There are a number of musicians on both pieces and “In the Upper Room” includes conductor Michael Riesman on piano and synthesizers. In addition to the keyboardist, there are a number of string, brass, and woodwind players. Although nearly all instrumental music, the additional voice (Dora Ohrenstein) on both pieces gives this works a very nice touch.

1. Dance I
2. Dance II
3. Dance V
4. Dance VIII
5. Dance IX
6. Glasspiece # 1 (Rubric From Glassworks)
7. Glasspiece # 2 (Fagades From Glassworks)
8. Glasspiece # 3 (Funeral From Akhnaten)

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Philip Glass – Dancepieces – CD