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Sheryl – Sheryl: Music From The Feature Documentary – 2 CDs


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR23020 Κατηγορίες: ,

Barcode: 0602445584369

1-1 Sheryl Crow– If It Makes You Happy
1-2 Sheryl Crow– Leaving Las Vegas
1-3 Sheryl Crow– All I Wanna Do
1-4 Sheryl Crow– What I Can Do For You
1-5 Sheryl Crow– Run, Baby, Run
1-6 Sheryl Crow– Hard To Make A Stand
1-7 Sheryl Crow– Sweet Rosalyn
1-8 Sheryl Crow– A Change Would Do You Good
1-9 Sheryl Crow– Home
1-10 Sheryl Crow– Love Is A Good Thing
1-11 Sheryl Crow– Strong Enough
1-12 Sheryl Crow– Can’t Cry Anymore
1-13 Sheryl Crow– Everyday Is A Winding Road
1-14 Sheryl Crow– Redemption Day
1-15 Sheryl Crow With Sarah McLachlan– The Difficult Kind (Live)
1-16 Sheryl Crow– I Shall Believe
1-17 Sheryl Crow– Real Gone (Live)
2-1 Sheryl Crow– My Favorite Mistake
2-2 Sheryl Crow– Riverwide
2-3 Sheryl Crow– Crash And Burn
2-4 Sheryl Crow– Steve McQueen
2-5 Sheryl Crow– Soak Up The Sun
2-6 Sheryl Crow– Out Of Our Heads
2-7 Sheryl Crow– Detours
2-8 Sheryl Crow– Be Myself
2-9 Sheryl Crow Featuring Stevie Nicks And Maren Morris– Prove You Wrong
2-10 Sheryl Crow Featuring Chris Stapleton– Tell Me When It’s Over
2-11 Sheryl Crow Featuring Brandi Carlile, Eric Clapton And Sting– Beware Of Darkness
2-12 Sheryl Crow Featuring Keith Richards– The Worst
2-13 Sheryl Crow Featuring Gary Clark Jr., Chuck D, Andra Day– Story Of Everything
2-14 Sheryl Crow With Jason Isbell– Everything Is Broken (Live)
2-15 Sheryl Crow Featuring Johnny Cash– Redemption Day
2-16 Sheryl Crow– Forever
2-17 Sheryl Crow– Still The Same
2-18 Sheryl Crow– Live With Me

R 23234474 1652645603 8670 Sheryl – Sheryl: Music From The Feature Documentary - 2 CDs
Sheryl – Sheryl: Music From The Feature Documentary – 2 CDs