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The Rolling Stones – Undercover – CD


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR17433 Κατηγορία:

Barcode: 0600753916070

Obi Strip, Shm-CD, Remastered

17th British and 19th American studio album by the legendary rock band, originally released in 1983. ‘Undercover’ was the band’s first release of all new recordings in the 1980s. Tensions in the studio were high, as each of the principal songwriters wanted to take the band in a different direction. Vocalist Mick Jagger sought to adapt to modern trends in music, favouring reggae, worldbeat, and new wave musical textures, while guitarist Keith Richards wanted the band to return to their blues rock roots. As a result, the album is an eclectic, if uneven, collection of songs covering a wide range of styles. The Japanese SHM-CD format is a faithfully reproduced miniature replica of sleeve with inner sleeve and lyric sheet.

1. Undercover of the Night (Remastered)
2. She Was Hot
3. Tie You Up (the Pain of Love)
4. Wanna Hold You
5. Feel On Baby
6. Too Much Blood
7. Pretty Beat Up
8. Too Tough
9. All the Way Down
10. It Must Be Hell

61ODA992 hL. AC SL1200 3 The Rolling Stones - Undercover - CD
The Rolling Stones – Undercover – CD