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Warfare – Lemmy Sessions – CD


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR15300 Κατηγορία:

Barcode: 5013929928824

• FOR FANS OF: Motorhead, Ramones, Tank.

• A newly curated 3CD set featuring the unreleased Lemmy Kilmister mix of Warfare’s influential 1985 opus, ‘Metal Anarchy’.

The truly anarchic Warfare, widely considered to have been the original “metal punks”, were formed by drummer Evo in early 1984. Evo had learned his trade in legendary droog band Major Accident, he then moved to London to join The Blood, with a spell drumming for the legendary Angelic Upstarts, before forming Warfare. A fresh and much needed shot in the arm for the UK metal scene of the mid-80s, Warfare signed to Neat Records for a series of highly influential and original LPs and EPs. In 1992 Evo called it a day, having played professionally since the age of 18, retiring from the music business completely. After a hiatus of more than a quarter of a century, Evo returned with ‘The Songbook Of Filth’, a 3CD collection featuring many special guests, but with an even more brutal and angry sound than before.

One band that was equally revered by the punks and metal-heads alike was Motörhead, being a major influence on Warfare. ‘The Lemmy Sessions’ is a newly curated 3CD set featuring the unreleased Lemmy Kilmister mix of Warfare’s influential 1985 opus, ‘Metal Anarchy’. As the only band that Lemmy produced (outside of Motörhead and The Ramones), this recently discovered “rough mix” is presented from the original cassette for Evo to approve before the final mix down (Drop outs and all) on Disc One and in the original album running order

The second disc is a new fully polished version of 1985’s brutal full on‘Metal Anarchy’ album.

The third disc rounds off this era of Warfare by featuring the ‘Two Tribes EP’, the ‘Total Death EP’, plus bonus track ‘Two Tribes (From Hell Mix)’

All newly remastered, this collection features expanded artwork and includes new liner notes from Evo written with NWOBHM expert, John Tucker.

Disc: 1
1 Psycho Express
2 Disgrace
3 Death Vigilance
4 Metal Anarchy
5 Living for the Last Days
6 Electric Mayhem
7 Warfare
8 Military Shadow
9 Wrecked Society

Disc: 2
1 Intro
2 Electric Mayhem
3 Warfare
4 Death Vigilance
5 Wrecked Society
6 Living for the Last Days
7 Disgelo
8 Military Shadow
9 Metal Anarchy
10 Psycho Express

Disc: 3
1 Two Tribes
2 Hell
3 Blown to Bits
4 Metal Anarchy
5 Burning Up
6 Rape
7 Destroy
8 Two Tribes (From Hell Mix)

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Warfare – Lemmy Sessions – CD