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ZZ Top – Eliminator – Vinyl Lp


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Red Vinyl edition !

With this masterpiece, the three Texans achieved the final international breakthrough in 1983. After more or less successful LP’s from 1971-1981 came with this (the 8th) album the change from the rather rough, rough blues to the stadium rock sound, which made ZZ Top world famous.

The album contains probably the biggest and most famous hits of the trio, the killer riffs in “Sharp Dressed Man” and “Gimme All Your Lovin'” hammered themselves into the heads of a whole generation. But “Got Me Under Pressure” and “Legs” are nothing to scoff at either. The last single was “TV Dinners,” a killer groove track. One sometimes wonders why other bands have four, five or even more musicians on stage, when obviously three men are enough

1. Gimme All Your Lovin
2. Got Me Under Pressure
3. Sharp Dressed Man
4. I Need You Tonight
5. I Got the Six
6. Legs
7. Thug
8. Tv Dinners
9. Dirty Dog
10. If I Could Only Flag Her Down
11. Bad Girl



eliminator ZZ Top - Eliminator - Vinyl Lp
ZZ Top – Eliminator – Vinyl Lp