DR SUZUKI 7' - Turntable Trainging Wax - DJ GEAR

Manufacturer: Turntable Trainging Wax
Format: DJ GEAR
Status: Μη Διαθέσιμο. Currently Not Available

DR SUZUKI -Dr Suzuki 7" Turntable Training Mat

Dr. Suzuki, Stokyo and Turntable Training Wax give you a traditional style portable 7 inch slipmat!

Dr. Suzuki introduces a new Kuttin' Donut 7" Scratch Performance slipmat, made for Turntable Training Wax!

By using his patent materials Dr. Suzuki is able to have the record sit as flat and thin as possible to the slipmat/platter.

If you experience any doming or warped records, the center label cut out on the slipmat allows the record to sit snug into the slipmat to lessen any wobble/warp issues!

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