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Adult Jazz – So Sorry, So Slow – CD


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR24558 Κατηγορίες: ,

Barcode: 5061041820106

Adult Jazz have announced their first LP in a decade. So Sorry So Slow lands on April 26 via Spare Thought. Today’s announcement comes with the release of the new song ‘Suffer One’, which follows the recently released ‘Dusk Song’ and features a string arrangement by Owen Pallet. Check it out and find the album’s details below.

“We recorded the cello and guitar together at Konk, with no-metronome, to get a loose shifting rhythm – then spent time adding splashes of other things in the studio,” the band shared in a statement about ‘Suffer One’. “The final stage was Owen Pallett’s string arrangement, and viola + violin playing. We’ve been listening to Owen’s music since we were 15, and have always admired their songwriting so we were incredibly honoured they were up for it. The strings lent this final surge of energy that helped us feel it was done.”

1. Bleat Melisma
2. Suffer One
3. y-rod
4. No Relief
5. Plenary
6. Marquee
7. Dusk Song
8. Earth of Woems
9. No Sentry
10. Ben
11. I Was Surprised
12. Windfarm

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71OeCIErokL. SL1000 Adult Jazz - So Sorry, So Slow - CD
Adult Jazz – So Sorry, So Slow – CD