Al Di Meola – World Sinfonia – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 4029759166788

“World Sinfonia” was originally released in 1991 and is Al Di Meola’s first album with his World Sinfonia ensemble. On this exceptional album, he successfully combines his unpredictable and spontaneous guitar playing style with a predominantly analogue production. “World Sinfonia” is defined by introspection and thoughtful writing, enhanced by the unique artistic connection between Di Meola and Argentinian bandoneon player Dino Saluzzi. The influences on this record range from South American, Spanish and Middle Eastern elements to Argentinian Tango, which is most evident on the memorable ‘Last Tango For Astor’, an ode to Astor Piazzolla. At last, “World Sinfonia” is back on vinyl as a beautiful 2LP Black 180g Gatefold Edition.

– 1 –
1. Perpetual Emotion,
2. Orient Blue,
3. Falling Grace,
4. Last Tango For Astor
5. Tango Suite Part I, Tango Suite Part III

– 2 –
1. No Mystery
2. Lustrine,
3. Little Cathedral,
4. La Cathedral
5. R Internal Use O

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Al Di Meola – World Sinfonia – Vinyl LP