Artillery – By Inheritance – CD


Διαθέσιμο στον προμηθευτή – παράδοση σε 7 με 15 ημέρες






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Barcode: 8718627235447

‘By Inheritance’ is Artillery’s third album, a masterpiece in the world of thrash, and metal in general. Very few albums can reach this level of completeness. There are intricate melodies that complement the extremely aggressive rhythm sections. At its core, the album is a thrash metal riff-fest laden with Eastern melodies. There’s really nothing else out there that quite sounds like it. The songwriting on this album is so awesome it really is a shame that Artillery have been ignored so much. All ten songs totally kick ass full with skull smashing riffs and blazing solos. ‘By Inheritance’ is a unique, remarkable and nearly perfect cult classic!

1. 7:00 From Tashkent
2. Khomaniac
3. Beneath the Clay (R.I.P.)
4. By Inheritance
5. Bombfood
6. Don’t Believe
7. Life In Bondage
8. Equal At First
9. Razamanaz
10. Back In the Trash

0848064012771 Artillery - By Inheritance - CD
Artillery – By Inheritance – CD