Curse of Cain – Curse of Cain – Vinyl LP


Διαθέσιμο στον προμηθευτή – παράδοση σε 7 με 15 ημέρες






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Barcode: 4251981703459

Coloured Vinyl

Get ready for some Movie Metal with a dark touch! The stories of CURSE OF CAIN are set in a dystopian futuristic world and circle around a band of Misfits, who travel the world and play shows to keep their main goal unnoticed: Save the world and keep it clean from parasites that infect humans – here in this dark future of the year 2076… This unique project creates a full cinematic universe with many special characters that tell us omnious cyberpunk tales in music, film and pictures. The music tells the tales of a character named Cain and his life. We enter the story after the Red War in the year 2076 and there we get to follow The Band and Cain’s struggles in this world. This debut album, mixed and mastered by Alexander Backlund, focuses on the question how Cain became who he is, and the struggles in the long life he had. “Futuristic like Amaranthe, visionaire like Avatar, dark like Lord Of The Lost and powerful like Sabaton, the newcomers Curse Of Cain release their self-titled debut album, showing a personality which resonates much further than the combination of such influences.” Rock Hard Italy “Substantially cinematic – and very, very dark.” Sweden Rock Magazine “Let this five-headed futuristic monster entertain you with their razorsharp Movie Metal. Forget year 2023 – just enter Cain’s universe in 2076”. SCREAM (NO)

Disc: 1
1 The Mark
2 Alive
3 Embrace Your Darkness
4 Blame
5 Hurt

Disc: 2
1 Never See The Light Again
2 The Ground
3 Dead And Buried
4 Blood The End


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Curse of Cain – Curse of Cain – Vinyl LP