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Don Airey – Live In Hamburg – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 4029759168157

Coloured Vinyl

“Live In Hamburg” is the first solo live album by the keyboard virtuoso Don Airey, known as a member of Deep Purple. Touring with the great and the good for decades, Don Airey has never been on the road with his own solo project. This changed when he first toured Germany in 2017 as “Don Airey & Friends”. His Friends – of course, all true professionals in their own right – are lead singer Carl Sentance (Nazareth), ex-Black Sabbath bassist Laurence Cottle, guitarist Simon McBride (Sweet Savage) and drummer Jon Finnigan (Gang of Four). Being one of the most recorded keyboardists of all time, with over 300 albums in which he has participated, the setlist in Hamburg’s famous Fabrik included top-class hits and all-time favorites from his career such as ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ by Rainbow, ‘Still Got The Blues’ by Gary Moore or Deep Purple’s ‘Child In Time’ (which Deep Purple isn’t performing live anymore). Available as high-quality 3LP white heavy weight 180g gatefold vinyl edition. Don Airey’s “Live In Hamburg” must not be missing in any music collection.

– 1 –
1. Nuclear Attack (Live At Fabrik 2017)
2. Pictures of Home (Live At Fabrik 2017)
3. Shooting Star (Live At Fabrik 2017)
4. I Surrender (Live At Fabrik 2017)
5. Still Got the Blues (Live At Fabrik 2017)
6. Desperado (Live At Fabrik 2017)
7. The Way I Feel Inside (Live At Fabrik 2017)

– 2 –
1. Lost Boys (Live At Fabrik 2017)
2. Is This Love (Live At Fabrik 2017)
3. Child In Time (Live At Fabrik 2017)
4. Difficult To Cure (Live At Fabrik 2017)
5. All Night Long (Live At Fabrik 2017)
6. Lost In Hollywood (Live At Fabrik 2017)

– 3 –
1. Hush (Live At Fabrik 2017)
2. Since You’ve Been Gone (Live At Fabrik 2017)
3. Black Night (Live At Fabrik 2017)
4. One of a Kind
5. Victim of Pain
6. Lost Boys

51eghNVDnmL. AC SL1200 Don Airey - Live In Hamburg - Vinyl LP
Don Airey – Live In Hamburg – Vinyl LP