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Eric Lindell – Revolution In Your Heart – Vinyl LP


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Orange Translucent Vinyl






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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR25344 Κατηγορίες: , , ,

Barcode: 0014551498513

Transparent, Coloured Vinyl

A charismatic singer with a gift for songwriting, Eric Lindell returns to Alligator Records. Revolution In Your Heart reveals an artist hitting another creative peak.

On Revolution In Your Heart, Eric Lindell again weaves timeless, infectious tales of family, friends and love. Lindell does all the singing and performs all instruments except the drums, making the performances exceptionally heartfelt and engaging. Transparent orange vinyl with a download card.

Side A
1 Shot Down – Eric Lindell
2 Revolution – Eric Lindell
3 Heavy Heart – Eric Lindell
4 How Could This Be? – Eric Lindell
5 Big Horse – Eric Lindell
Side B

1 Pat West
2 Kelly Ridge
3 Claudette
4 Appaloosa
5 Millie Kay
6 Grandpa Jim
7 The Sun Don’t Shine

61xwfanYdhL. AC SL1200 5 Eric Lindell - Revolution In Your Heart - Vinyl LP
Eric Lindell – Revolution In Your Heart – Vinyl LP