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Golden Earring – 50 Years Anniversary Album – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 8719262000421

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Recently, Holland’s finest and longest standing Rock band Golden Earring celebrated their 50th anniversary, and it calls for a celebration! Formed as The Tornados in 1961, renamed The Golden Earrings and then shortened to Golden Earring, the band churned out hit after hit as early as their first single “Please Go” from 1965. The current line-up has been constant since 1970. The band did extremely well across the ocean with their massive hit “Radar Love”, which has become a staple on Rock radio ever since. But folks are advised to delve deeper into the band’s catalogue; songs on this never-before released on vinyl triple LP compilation include evergreens like “Another 45 Miles”, “She Flies On Strange Wings”, “Long Blond Animal”, “Twilight Zone”, “When The Lady Smiles”, “Going To The Run”, “Burning Stuntman” and many more. In all, Golden Earring has released over 25 studio albums, 8 live albums and countless compilations, of which 50 Years Anniversary is without a doubt the most complete. This 3LP compilation contains an 8-page booklet with exclusive photos, its sleeve boasts a gold foil finish and its audio is specially mastered for vinyl.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Gold foiled front sleeve
  • 8-page booklet with exclusive photos

1. Please Go
2. That Day
3. If You Leave Me
4. Daddy Buy Me A Girl
5. In My House
6. Sound Of The Screaming Day
7. Just a Little Bit of Peace In My Heart
8. Where Will I Be

1. Another 45 Miles
2. Back Home
3. Holy Holy Life
4. She Flies On Strange Wings
5. Buddy Joe

1. Radar Love
2. Instant Poetry
3. Kill Me (Ce Soir)
4. Sleepwalkin’
5. Bombay

1. Weekend Love
2. Long Blond Animal
3. Twilight Zone
4. The Devil Made Me Do It
5. When The Lady Smiles

1. Clear Night, Moonlight
2. Something Heavy Going Down
3. Quiet Eyes
4. My Killer, My Shadow
5. Turn The World Around
6. Going To The Run

1. Temporary Madness
2. I Can’t Sleep Without You
3. Hold Me Now
4. Burning Stuntman
5. Paradise In Distress
6. Still Got The Keys Of My Old Chevrolet

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Golden Earring – 50 Years Anniversary Album – Vinyl LP