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Henry Mancini – Essential Henry Mancini – CD


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR22769 Κατηγορίες: , ,

Barcode: 8436559469685

This release compiles some of the best works by renowned film composer and arranger HENRY MANCINI (1924-1994). The first CD contains a selection of hits taken from some of his celebrated movie & TV soundtracks from the late 1950s and early 1960s. The second one includes some of his most jazzy recordings, including both original tunes by Mancini and his arrangements of some classic standards, all of them featuring a who’s who of jazz players.

Disc: 1
1 Film & TV Songs: Moon River [From Breakfast at Tiffany’s]
2 Something for Cat [From Breakfast at Tiffany’s]
3 Breakfast at Tiffany’s [From Breakfast at Tiffany’s]
4 Theme From “Hatari!” [From Hatari!]
5 Touch of Evil (Main Title) [From Touch of Evil]
6 Experiment in Terror [From Experiment In Terror]
7 Dreamsville [From Peter Gunn]
8 Mr. Lucky [From Mr. Lucky]
9 Softly [From Mr. Lucky]
10 Night Flower [From Mr. Lucky]
11 Joanna [From Peter Gunn]
12 Strollin’ Blues [From Touch of Evil]
13 Background for Murder [From Touch of Evil]
14 Tana’s Theme [From Touch of Evil]
15 Blue Pianola [From Touch of Evil]
16 Moon Talk [From High Time]
17 The Second Time Around [From High Time]
18 Flutters’ Ball [From Experiment in Terror]
19 The Good Old Days [From Experiment in Terror]
20 The Sounds Of Hatari [From Hatari!]
21 The Soft Touch [From Hatari!]
22 Baby Elephant Walk [From Hatari!]
23 Peter Gunn [From Peter Gunn]
24 Moon River (Vocals by Audrey Hepburn) [From Breakfast At Tiffany’s]
25 Days of Wine And Roses [From Days of Wine And Roses]

Disc: 2
1 The Jazz Sides: Moanin’
2 Dream of You
3 Swing Lightly
4 Far East Blues
5 Charleston Alley
6 Scandinavian Shuffle
7 Everybody Blow!
8 The Blues
9 Misty
10 Blue Flame
11 After Hours
12 Mood Indigo
13 The Beat
14 Big Noise from Winnetka
15 Alright, Okay, You Win
16 How Could You Do A Thing Like That To Me
17 Sing, Sing, Sing
18 My One and Only Love
19 Trav’lin Light
20 Robbin’s Nest
21 Smoke Rings
22 Tippin’ In
23 Castle Rock
24 The Big Blow Out

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Henry Mancini – Essential Henry Mancini – CD