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Humble Pie – Humble Pie – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 0600753991343

High Quality, Gatefold Sleeve

Humble Pie was formed by ex- band member of the Small Faces’ Steve Marriott, former Spooky Tooth’s Greg Ridley, Peter Frampton, and Jerry Shirley. The supergroup recorded eleven studio albums in total, including the 1970 self-titled album. They recorded it with producer Glyn Johns, who worked with many of the most famous rock artists including the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Who and many more. The material was darker than their previous two albums and includes Peter Frampton’s gentle “Earth and Water Song”, a cover of “I’m Ready” originally by Willie Dixon, and “One Eyed Trouser-Snake Rumba”.

The front cover features artwork by English illustrator-author Aubrey Beardsley, who is known for his Japanese woodblock influenced grotesque and erotic illustrations.

Humble Pie is available in its original gatefold sleeve.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • Third album by supergroup Humble Pie, consisting of Peter Frampton, Steve Marriott, Greg Ridley, and Jerry Shirley
  • Features “Earth and Water Song”, “Live With Me”, “One Eyed Trouser-Snake Rumba” and “Theme from Skint-See You Later Liquidator”

Side A
1. Live With Me
2. Only a Roach
3. One Eyed Trouser-Snake Rumba
4. Earth and Water Song

Side B
1. I’m Ready
2. Theme from Skint – See You Later Liquidator
3. Red Light Mamma, Red Hot!
4. Sucking on the Sweet Vine

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Humble Pie – Humble Pie – Vinyl LP