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John Eliot Gardiner – Bach: St. Matthew Passion – CD


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR17323 Κατηγορία:

Barcode: 0028948399444

“What makes Gardiner’s St Matthew Passion stand out in the face of stiff competition is, more than anything, his vivid sense of theatre. Bach’s score is, after all, a sacred drama and Gardiner…” — Gramophone Classical Music Guide, 2010

For three decades Sir John Eliot Gardiner’s first recording of the Bach St Matthew Passion has been a milestone in the catalogue. Deutsche Grammophon is reissuing this masterstroke in a 2-CD brilliant box, replacing the previous 3-CD release.

– 1 –
1. Come, You Daughters, Help Me Complain
2. Since Jesus Had Finished This Speech
3. Dearest of Jesus, What Have You Done Wrong
4. There the High Priests Gathered
5. You Dear Savior
6. Repentance and Repentance
7. One of the Twelve Went There
8. Just Bleed, Dear Heart
9. But On the First Day of Sweet Bread
10. It’s Me, I Should Atone
11. He Answered and Spoke
12. Although My Heart is Swimming In Tears
13. I Want To Give You My Heart
14. And When They Had Spoken the Hymn of Praise
15. Know Me, My Keeper
16. But Peter Answered
17. I Want To Stand Here With You
18. Then Jesus Came With Them To a Court
19. O Pain! Here the Tormented Heart Trembles
20. I Want To Watch Over My Jesus
21. And Went a Little
22. The Savior Comes Down Before His Father
23. I Would Like To Make Myself Comfortable
24. And He Came To His Disciples
25. Whatever My God Wants, That’s Always Good
26. And He Came and Found Her Sleeping
27. So My Jesus is Now Caught – Are Lightning, Are Thunder
28. And Behold, One of Them
29. O Man, Weep Deeply For Your Sin
30. Oh Now My Jesus is Gone
31. Those Who Seized Jesus
32. The World Judged Me Deceptively
33. And Although Many False Witnesses Came Up
34. My Jesus is Silent About False Lies
35. Patience! When False Tongues Prick Me

– 2 –
1. And the High Priest Answered
2. Who Hit You Like That
3. But Peter Sat Outside In the Palace
4. Have Mercy
5. I Left You Right Away
6. In the Morning All the High Priests Stopped
7. Give Me Back My Jesus
8. But They Held Advice
9. You Command Your Way
10. But the Governor Was Used To the Festival
11. How Wonderful is This Punishment
12. The Governor Said
13. He Did Us All Good
14. My Savior Wants To Die For Love
15. You Screamed Some More
16. Have Mercy On God
17. May Tears of My Cheeks
18. Then the Soldiers Took
19. O Head Full of Blood and Wounds
20. And Since They Mocked Him
21. Yes, of Course, the Flesh and Blood Want In Us
22. Come On, Sweet Cross
23. And When They Came To the Place
24. Oh Golgotha
25. See, Jesus Has the Hand
26. And From the Sixth Hour – He Calls Elias – and Soon Ran – St
27. If I Should Ever Part
28. And Behold, the Curtain In the Temple Was Torn – Verily This
29. In the Evening When It Was Cool
30. Make Yourself, My Heart, Pure
31. And Joseph Took the Body – Lord, We Have Thought – Pilate Sp
32. Now the Lord Has Been Brought To Rest – My Jesus, Good Night
33. We Sit Down With Tears

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John Eliot Gardiner – Bach: St. Matthew Passion – CD