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Judas Priest – Metal Works ’73-’93 – CD


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Release Date

Metal Works '73-'93

Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR15373 Κατηγορία:

Barcode: 5099750213827

“The hellion, Electric eye, Victim of changes, Painkiller, Devil’s child, Metal gods, Turbo lover, Ram it down, The rage, Solar angels, Night crawler, Sinner, Metal crawler, Sinner, Metal meltdown, Living after midnight, Bloodstone, The rage, Night comes down,… Como todos lo lbumes lanzados anteriormente, han sido remasterizados by John Astely, with texts of the banda, photos unpublished. The música is pasando for an excelente momento in todo el mundo and así lo demuestran the excelentes ventas de las anteriores reediciones del grupo, the perfecto representative of the mejor heavy metal hecho nunca. This is the place to complete the mejor colección editada de Judas Priest.”

1. Electric Eye
2. Painkiller
3. Devil’s Child
4. Delivering the Goods
5. Breaking the Law
6. Blood Red Skies
7. Before the Dawn
8. Ram It Down
9. Victim of Changes
10. Eat Me Live]
11. Dissident Agressor
12. Exciter
13. Hell Bent For Leather
14. Metal Goods
15. Turbo Lover
16. Metal Meltdown


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Judas Priest – Metal Works ’73-’93 – CD