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Kurtis Blow – Collected – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 0600753990742

High Quality, Gatefold Sleeve

Kurtis Walker – better known by his stage name Kurtis Blow – was the first rapper and hip/hop artist to be signed to US major record label Mercury in 1979. His first single “”Christmas Rappin”” became an instant classic selling nearly half a million copies on 12-inch. The follow-up single “”The Breaks”” sold more than a million copies, making it the very first rap single to be certified Gold. Kurtis Blow’s self-titled debut album was released in 1980 and due to the success, he performed in Europe and Japan spreading the new hip hop sound all over the world. During his career, Kurtis Blow has released a total of fifteen albums and a slew of solo singles such as “”Throughout Your Years””, “”Hard Times”” and “”Tough””. The tracks “”America””, “”If I Ruled The World”” (which was later sampled by The Fugees and Nas) and “”Basketball”” further cemented his hip hop legend. Next to his solo work, he also as collaborated with The Fat Boys, Run D.M.C., Sheila E. on “”Krush Groovin'”” from the 1985 influential hip hop movie Krush Groove, René and Angela’s “”Save Your Love (For #1)””, and “”Funky Stuff”” together with 2024 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Kool & The Gang. The 2LP Kurtis Blow Collected is an overview of the biggest and best hits by one of the original Godfathers of Hip Hop.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • The very best from one of the original godfathers of Hip Hop
  • Featuring the first certified gold rap track “The Breaks”, in addition to “Christmas Rappin'”, “Hard Times”, “Basketball”, “If I Ruled The World”, “I’m Chillin”, “Krush Groovin'” with The Fat Boys, Run DMC & Sheila E., “Save Your Love (For #1)” with René & Angela, and “Funky Stuff” with Kool & The Gang

Disc 1
1. Christmas Rappin’
2. The Breaks
3. Throughout Your Years
4. Hard Times
5. Starlife
6. It’s Gettin Hot
7. Tough
8. Daydreamin’
9. Party Time
10. Nervous
11. 8 Million Stories
12. Basketball

Disc 2
1. Ego Trip
2. Under Fire
3. America
4. If I Ruled the World
5. A.J. is Cool
6. I’m Chillin’
7. The Bronx
8. Back By Popular Demand
9. Only the Strong Survive
10. Krush Groovin’ (Fat Boys, Run D.M.C., Sheila E. & Kurtis Blow)
11. Save Your Love (For #1) (Rene & Angela Ft. Kurtis Blow)
12. Funky Stuff (Kool & the Gang Ft. Kurtis Blow)

MOVLP3718 Sleeve Kurtis Blow - Collected - Vinyl LP
Kurtis Blow – Collected – Vinyl LP