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Maija Sofia – True Love – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 5070000170589

Following up her 2019 Choice Music Prize nominated album ‘Bath Time’, spectral Irish artist Maija Sofia is back with her second full length album – ‘True Love’, arriving September 2023. Leaving Dublin in search of space to create, Sofia relocated to the South West Coast of Ireland for inspiration. “It was a period of deep transformation in my life. I left the city and moved down to the coast of Cork. For three months I lived in a 300 year old former-yacht club which is now an artists residency” she explains. Building on themes of reflection and mysticism, True Love shows us how to accept messages from beyond in order to connect within. “It was the first time I was free to make music without any fear of being overheard, the songs became louder, I was experimenting with my voice in different ways, and the lyrics became more direct, more unselfconsciously emotional”. True Love also features an array of accomplished Irish musicians who helped bring Maija Sofia’s world to life: “To record the songs, I returned for a week to the haunted seaside house with my band – Solamh Kelly on drums and Chris Barry on bass guitar, harp by Méabh McKenna, saxophone and clarinet by Ryan Hargadon, and Ruth Clinton and David Tapley added theremin and pedal steel remotely.” ‘True Love’ will be available via TULLE in September 2023.

1. Saint Sebastian
2. Four Winters
3. Telling the Bees
4. Smile Please
5. Weird Knight
6. O Theremin
7. Chagall
8. Saint Aquinas
9. Lake Song
10. Love is In the House

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Maija Sofia – True Love – Vinyl LP