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Barcode: 5054197464324

Bizet: Carmen is an album by Maria Callas, released in 2023. The album is a classical 3-LP.

Towards the end of Callas’ career, there were many rumors that she wanted to bring Carmen on stage. Nothing came of it, but Carmen became her penultimate complete recording of an opera – and her only complete recording of a French opera. With Georges Prêtre, one of her favorite conductors, and the always stylish Nicolai Gedda as Don José, she managed to capture all facets of the role. Despite the expectation that Callas’ Carmen would be in some ways the most violent and extreme take on the role, the actual result is a magnificent performance of infinite subtlety and detail that brings the character to life. Was Callas Carmen? We’ll never know how she would have interpreted the role on stage, but vocally the answer is yes, and this recording is proof of that.

Disc: 1
1 Carmen, Act 1 begining

Disc: 2
1 Carmen, Act 1 end

Disc: 3
1 Carmen, Act 2 begining

Disc: 4
1 Carmen, Act 2 end, Act 3 begining

Disc: 5
1 Carmen, Act 3 continued

Disc: 6
1 Carmen, Act 3 end, Act 4

Screenshot 2023 04 15 at 1.29.25 PM Maria Callas - Bizet: Carmen - Vinyl LP
Maria Callas – Bizet: Carmen – Vinyl LP