Marshall Crenshaw – Field Day – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 0634457114098

Anniversary Edition, Deluxe Edition, Expanded Edition, Bonus Track(S)

Marshall Crenshaw’s second album, containing the hit “Whenever You’re on My Mind,” has been remastered by Greg Calibi for this 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition. The package contains a bonus 12″ with 6-songs, 5 of which are previously unreleased. There’s an interview with Crenshaw about the album and additional liner notes from him. The inner sleeves have photos from the era, as well. This version is limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

– 1 –
1. Whenever You’re On My Mind
2. Our Town
3. One More Reason
4. Try
5. One Day Without You
6. For Her Love
7. Monday Morning Rock
8. All I Know Right Now
9. What Time is It
10. Hold It

– 2 –
1. Our Town “Tv Track”
2. Monday Morning Rock “Tv Track”
3. What Time is It? (Guide Vocal Version)
4. Jungle Rock
5. Aka “Durham Town”
6. Little Sister

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Marshall Crenshaw – Field Day – Vinyl LP