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Metronomy – English Riviera – Vinyl LP


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DR25627 Κατηγορίες: , , ,

Barcode: 5060107728943

This is Metronomy’s release third album. The follow up to 2008’s critically acclaimed ‘Nights Out’, ‘The English Riviera’ is a sonic progression of epic proportions and affirms Metronomy front man and producer, Joseph Mount, as a rare British talent. Since ‘Nights Out’, the band have swollen to a four piece with new members Anna Prior on drums, Gbenga Adelekan on bass, original member Oscar Cash on keys/sax, and Joe himself on vocals, keys and guitar. This expansion of personnel is reflective of a new record that is mapped by vast soundscapes, incredible depth and warmth, and big pop hooks.

Characterised throughout with a sense of warmth and richness, ‘The English Riviera’ is in parts reminiscent of seminal 1970s West Coast studio albums from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles, but due to Mount’s studio wizardry, the record sounds vibrant and entirely of its time.

Side A
1 The English Riviera
2 We Broke Free
3 Everything Goes My Way
4 The Look
5 She Wants
6 Trouble

Side B
1 The Bay
2 Loving Arm
3 Corinne
4 Some Written
5 Love Underlined

51aA hJVdL. AC SL1200 Metronomy - English Riviera - Vinyl LP
Metronomy – English Riviera – Vinyl LP