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Natalie Merchant – Motherland – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 8718469533268

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Natalie Merchant’s Motherland album (2001) is dedicated to the victims of the 9-11 plane crashes, which occurred just days after recordings were finished. Experienced producer and artist T. Bone Burnett brings his expertise to the table, which pays off in terms of its aural expression and positioning Merchants songs in one coherent, excellent album. Her voice has deepened and her lyrics are socially conscious and intelligent, as always. Musically, each song stands on its own and fits seamlessly into the collection of tracks that make up Motherland. 180 gram audiophile vinyl Insert Available on vinyl for the first time! This is what the press said about Motherland:’Merchant delivers her best solo set to date, fired with biblical imagery and delivered in her impossibly rich voice.’ Sunday Times Best CDs of 2001 ‘Low-key stunner. A collection of such power, beauty and finely distilled emotion that it took my breath away. This record is simply devastating.’ The Times ‘A singer and writer’s album. Sparkling of tune and fiercely intelligent. ****’ Guardian ‘Beautiful, intelligent songs. Outstanding.’ Sunday Times Record of the week ‘I think Natalie Merchant’s most recent album, Motherland, is the finest piece of work she’s ever made. I play this album non-stop. The title track is so like Jacques Brel it makes me cry; it’s just sensational stuff. The album is timeless; it does not sound as if it will ever date or you will ever get fed up with it. And that is such an incredible thing to achieve.’ Elton John in Interview ‘A mesmerising voice that sounds like she’s seen all the trouble in the world. Motherland is a collection of 12 haunting and weird folk tales.’ Gay Times ‘Undoubtedly Merchant’s strongest solo set.’ Independent ‘An album of elemental beauty. She’s never sounded better. Just buy it.’ Uncut ‘Third solo album from the divine Ms M. Lovely.’ Time Out Critics’ choice ‘The songs are underpinned by altruism, a fierce intelligence, and an overt but non-alienating feminism.’ Mojo ‘Her best yet. A slow-burning but powerful record. ****’ Metro ‘Natalie moves into grittier territory. Broody and soulful.’ Diva ‘Motherland makes rich use of her sonorous, emotional well of a voice.’ Observer ‘A courageous work. Natalie’s voice is warm, soulful and poignant. Motherland has a depth that reveals something new every time you play it. ****’ What’s On Album of the week ‘Her most diverse album yet.’ Q ‘Merchant has a dramatic, richly supple voice with a rootsy twang that is equally impressive delivering a haunting ‘Motherland’, a banjo-flecked, Neil Young-like ‘Saint Judas’ or a low-slung, smoky ‘Build A Levy’.’ The Times

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Insert
  • Available on vinyl for the first time!

1. This House Is On Fire
2. Motherland
3. Saint Judas
4. Put The Law On You
5. Build A Levee
6. Golden Boy

1. Henry Darger
2. The Worst Thing
3. Tell Yourself
4. Just Can’t Last
5. Not In This Life
6. I’m Not Gonna Beg

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Natalie Merchant – Motherland – Vinyl LP