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Sammy Hagar – Musical Chairs – CD


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Barcode: 0600753976333

Sam’s second offering from ’77, “Musical Chairs”, features ten song with ranges from mellow pop to the metallic side. Backed by bassist Bill Church, Alan Fitzgerald on keyboards, drummer Denny Carmassi and guitarist Gary Pihl, the “Red Rocker” opened Musical Chairs with the pop rock anthem “Turn Up the Music”. The intro track carries a pumpin’ groove, that gives way to the upbeat “It’s Gonna Be All Right”. Keyboards and horns accent “It’s Gonna Be All Right”, and the breezy “You Make Me Crazy” is a laid back summertime song. Sammy Hagar wrote most of the tracks himself. “Musical Chairs” is an early career highlight for the singer/guitarist.

1. Turn Up the Music
2. It’s Gonna Be All Right
3. You Make Me Crazy
4. Reckless
5. Try (Try To Fall In Love)
6. Don’t Stop Me Now
7. Straight From the Hip Kid
8. Hey Boys
9. Someone Out There
10. Crack In the World

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Sammy Hagar – Musical Chairs – CD