Savatage – Edge Of Thorns – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 4029759170525

The final album by legendary guitarist and co-founder Criss Oliva. High Quality 45rpm 180g Double 12inch Vinyl LP.

Originally released in 1993, “Edge Of Thorns” is the last album to contain the talents of guitarist Criss Oliva who died in a car accident in the year of release. “A lot of the songs were crafted for Criss’ playing”, says Jon Oliva. “I remember the last songs Criss, Paul and I wrote together were: ‘All That I Bleed’ and ‘Miles Away’. These are still my two favourites on the album.” This 1993 Savatage album classic is also the band’s first album that features Zachary Stevens as lead vocalist.

“Edge Of Thorns” will be available as a High Quality 45rpm 180g Double 12inch Black Vinyl LP reissue, along with a Limited Collector’s Edition on Sun Yellow Double Vinyl. Both editions are mastered for vinyl, spinning at 45rpm and reissued with the original cover design and specially enhanced artwork, including a 12-pages LP booklet with extensive liner notes by Clay Marshall. Exclusive to the Limited LP Collector’s Edition is a deluxe art print showing the iconic album cover illustration.

1 –
1. Edge of Thorns
2. He Carves His Stone
3. Lights Out
4. Skraggy’s Tomb
5. Labyrinths
6. Follow Me
7. Exit Music

– 2 –
1. Degrees of Sanity
2. Conversation Piece
3. All That I Bleed
4. Damien
5. Miles Away
6. Sleep

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Savatage – Edge Of Thorns – Vinyl LP