Savatage – Streets A Rock Opera – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 4029759170754

A defining artistic statement: Savatage’s first concept album!

Every fan believes that their favourite band has a crowning achievement, a magnum opus, a defining artistic statement. For many Savatage diehards, that landmark is Streets. Originally released in 1991, the group’s first rock opera tells of a rock star who ultimately overcomes the demons of his drug-dealing past to achieve spiritual salvation. The album spawned what would become the band’s most beloved song, an epic tale of redemption titled “Believe”. It would also be the last Savatage record featuring vocalist Jon Oliva performing alongside his late brother, guitarist Criss Oliva.

This Savatage classic is being reissued as a Heavyweight Double LP Gatefold Edition on Black Vinyl, along with a Limited Collector’s Edition on Ocean Blue Vinyl. Both editions are mastered for vinyl and reissued with the original cover design, specially enhanced artwork, including a 12pages LP booklet with extensive liner notes by Clay Marshall.

– 1 –
1. Streets
2. Jesus Saves
3. Tonight He Grins Again
4. Strange Reality
5. A Little Too Far
6. You’re Alive
7. Sammy and Tex
8. St. Patrick’s
9. Can You Hear Me Now

– 2 –
1. New York City Don’t Mean Nothing
2. Ghost In the Ruins
3. If I Go Away
4. Agony and Ecstasy
5. Heal My Soul
6. Somewhere In Time
7. Believe
8. Larry Elbows (Bonus Track)

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Savatage – Streets A Rock Opera – Vinyl LP