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Sheena Easton – Take My Time – Vinyl LP


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Barcode: 5013929444812

Coloured Vinyl

• Remastered from the original master tapes and pressed on coloured yellow vinyl with refreshed artwork including new inner sleeve. • Includes the hit singles ‘Modern Girl’, ‘Morning Train (Nine To Five)’, ‘One Man Woman’, ‘Take My Time’ and ‘When He Shines’. Sheena Easton rocketed to overnight fame in 1980 with the BBC broadcast of The Big Time – the first pop reality show – subsequently breaking records as her first two singles ‘Modern Girl’ and ‘9 To 5’ simultaneously hit the British Top Ten. In less than six months she had topped the US Hot 100 with the renamed ‘Morning Train (Nine To Five)’ and become an international star. Her 1981 debut album ‘Take My Time’ (known simply as ‘Sheena Easton’ in the US) became a Gold and Platinum certified hit around the world, spinning off further hits including ‘One Man Woman’ and ‘When He Shines’. This is the first in a series of remastered vinyl releases of her 1980s albums, and part of Cherry Red’s on-going reissue campaign of the star’s EMI catalogue in association with RT Industries.

Disc: 1
1 Don?t Send Flowers
2 Cry
3 Take My Time
4 When He Shines
5 One Man Woman
6 Prisoner

Disc: 2
1 Morning Train (Nine To Five)
2 So Much In Love
3 Voice On The Radio
4 Calm Before The Storm
5 Modern Girl
6 No One Ever Knows

61xslJUGOL. AC 2 Sheena Easton - Take My Time - Vinyl LP
Sheena Easton – Take My Time – Vinyl LP